Social Programs

Sunday, 2013.Dec.01

Evening: Welcome cocktail at the conference site.

Tuesday, 2013.Dec.03

Afternoon: Excursion to Kamakura town.
Kamakura is one of the most historical towns in Japan and many shrines and temples are located in the downtown.
The first Shogunate was set up at Kamakura in 1192 by Yoritomo Minamoto(the first Shogun; below left). Yoritomo built a grand shrine(Tsurugaoka Hachiman; below right), tutelary deity of the Minamoto clan. Visit to major places will be arranged.
Shogun Minamoto TsurugaokaHachimanShrine

Thursday, 2013.Dec.05

Morning: Excursion to Hakone. Followed by the conference banquet.

Hakone is located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu national park. One can see Mt. Fuji with lovely Lake Ashinoko.
Hakone is a town along the major road between Tokyo (Edo) and Kyoto. In 17 century during Tokugawa period, Shogun placed "Sekisho" (check-point) on major roads to defend Edo. Hakone Sekisho was one of the most important and largest ones. The role of the Sekisho is to control "incoming guns to Edo and outgoing women from Edo", preventing weapons from going into Edo and wives and children of feudal lords (Samurai) from getting out of Edo. Hakone Sekisho operated for 260 years. The ruin has been a noted place in Hakone, designated as an important cultural property in 1922.
Lake Ashi
Hakone Sekisho Hakone Sekisho