The scientific program will consist of invited review talks and contributions selected by International Scientific Advisory Committee.
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Keynote talks

Memories of Kamioka experiments
Masatoshi Koshiba (Univ. of Tokyo)
Present and Future of Ring Imaging Water Cherenkov Experiments --- Super-Kamiokande, Hyper-Kamiokande and beyond ---
Yoichiro Suzuki (ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo)

Special talk

Latest trend of photon detector from Hamamatsu
Yuji Yoshizawa (Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.)

Review talks

Cherenkov light imaging in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Jochen Schwiening (GSI, Germany)

Cherenkov light imaging in Astroparticle Physics
Razmik Mirzoyan (MPI, Germany)

Use of RICH detectors for physics
Sheldon Stone (Syracuse, USA)

Optical components for Cherenkov light imaging devices
J. Va'vra (SLAC, USA)

Status and perspectives of vacuum-based photon detectors
Oswald Siegmund (Berkeley, USA)

Status and perspectives of solid state photon detectors
Gianmaria Collazuol (Padova, Italy)

Status and perspectives of gaseous photon detectors
Antonello Di Mauro (CERN, Switzerland)

Other PID techniques
Neville Harnew (Oxford, UK)

Scientific Program